What is NAC USA Online?

NAC USA Online – a place where people can listen virtually to the sermon – aims to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are some genuine reasons as to why people need online services in order to hear the gospel. For these people, NAC USA Online is a solution that allows them to connect in some way. But this is not the full experience. The solution of NAC USA Online only speaks to the first part of the mission of reaching out to teach the gospel, and falls short of the other aspects of the mission. The complete connection, soul care and fellowship and sharing God’s love with others, is lacking when one only attends services using NAC USA Online. Due to this, we encourage our members to live their faith with a community of believers within the church.

Why do we need a login for NAC USA Online?

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in attempts to hack the various church websites. Requiring logins helps reduce this, and makes the website more secure.

Why are we restricting a person’s ability to watch live divine services? If I can’t make it to church, I want to be able to watch service online.

It is important to understand that we are not restricting one’s access to divine services. Members are encouraged to attend divine services in person when possible. And for the times when they cannot attend service, while only Linked Members/shut-ins and congregations with few/no altar servers have access to live divine services via NAC USA Online, all other members can still watch video clips of Chief Apostle and District Apostle services. If one is not satisfied with watching these clips, please be reminded that even watching a full, live broadcasted service is still lacking in worship, sacrament, and fellowship.

How will guests be able to learn more about the church if they cannot watch services online?

If we are introducing a person to the New Apostolic Church, it is ideal for them to experience what the church is all about within the actual congregation, attending divine services and meeting fellow believers. A guest will never truly be able to experience the church by watching services on NAC USA Online.

How do I contact you with questions or tech support?

If you have a question, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..