27 March 2020

Regarding Sunday's Message

Due to the restrictions now imposed in almost every state and with the understanding that by remaining homebound, we all contribute to diminishing the spread of the virus, it has been decided that no congregations in the United States will be broadcasting a service this Sunday. Rather, the USA apostles have decided to connect with you through a recorded pastoral message. The video message, recorded at home, will be available in English and Spanish on our YouTube channel starting Sunday morning by 10 AM EDT.

Click here to be taken to our YouTube channel

The message is also available in an audio-only format by a dial-in number for those that do not have access to the Internet.

Follow these dial-in instructions below:

  1. Dial the playback number for your desired language
  2. When asked, enter the access code
  3. When asked, enter the reference code

If you do have Internet access, you can stream an audio-only version of the message from FreeConferenceCall.com on your computer or smart phone by clicking the Audio Web Stream link below.

Language Phone Number Access Code Reference Number Audio Web Stream
English (425) 436-6309
453650# 1# Click here for English
Español (425) 436-6309 842806# 1#
Click here for Español
Français (978) 990-5099 483487# 1# Click here for Français
Kiswahili (425) 436-6309 198626# 1# Click here for Kiswahili
Chinese (978) 990-5099 753669# 1# Click here for Chinese